Why we recommend for using lentivirus vectors?

  • Lentivirus, a type of retrovirus, has become one of the most popular gene delivery tools in the lab.
  • Lentivirus can transduce almost any mammalian cell type, including dividing and nondividing cells, primary cell cultures, stem cells, and neurons with high efficiency.
  • It also has the advantage to be used for either transient or stable expression.

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Lentiviral Transfer Vectors: Optimized

Lentiviral Transfer Vector Core Elements

Sino Biolicial offers a variety of highly optimized pLV-vectors-based lentiviral ORF expression clones for many applications. Sino Biolicial pLV lentiviral vectors are the third generation lentivirus vector, and which contained specific elements to improve transgene expression, virus titer, biosafety.

Element Function
5’LTR U5 long terminal repeat is required for viral packaging and transcription.The 5' LTR promoter is replace by a CMV promoter to preventing replication of the viral sequences.
Psi pack Packaging signal is RNA target site for packaging by Nucleocapsid.
RRE Rev response element binds gag and increases titers by promoting the nuclear export of unspliced viral genomic RNA.
cPPT/cTS Central polypurine tract (includes DNA Flap region) increases nuclear translocation and integration of transduced viral genome efficiency.
CMV2 promoter The enhancer CMV promoter promotes a high level of expression of your gene of interest in a wide variety of cell lines.
WPRE A woodchuck hepatitis virus posttranscriptional regulatory element prevents poly A site readthrough, promotes RNA processing and maturation, and increases nuclear export of RNA.
3’ LTR Required for viral reverse transcription; self- inactivating 3’ LTR with deletion in U3 region prevents formation of replication-competent viral particles after integration into genomic DNA

Lentiviral Transfer Vectors for cDNA/ORF cloning

  • 17 lentiviral vectors for cDNA cloning with various tags
  • Fluorescent protein tags for lentiviral vector titer detection or any other visualization
  • Promotor of Lentiviral vector is enhancer CMV promotor
  • All the cDNA / ORF from Sino Biological can be inserted into Lentiviral vectors

Lentiviral Transfer Vectors information

Here is the sequence and map of each vector with different tags.