Why we recommend for using lentivirus vectors?

  • Lentivirus, a type of retrovirus, has become one of the most popular gene delivery tools in the lab.
  • Lentivirus can transduce almost any mammalian cell type, including dividing and nondividing cells, primary cell cultures, stem cells, and neurons with high efficiency.
  • It also has the advantage to be used for either transient or stable expression.

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Lentiviral Control Plasmids

Lentiviral Control Plasmids reagent list

Use the control vectors to co-transfect along with lentivirus packaging systems to make a recombinant control lentivirus.
Description Catalog Number Size Price Data Sheet Availability
GFP Lentivirus Control Plasmids LVCV-01 10 ug   In Stock
OFP Lentivirus Control Plasmids LVCV-02 10 ug   In Stock

GFP Lentivirus Production and Transduction

1. The GFP lentivirus control plamid and packaging vectors co-transfect into 293T cell.


2. Harvest lentiviral supernatant 36-72 hours after transfection.


3. Tnfected the 293FT cells with lentiviral supernatant to measurement of lentivirus titer.


4. Harvest the cells and perform qRT-PCR and flow cytometry to test lentiviral virus titer.