Why we recommend for using lentivirus vectors?

  • Lentivirus, a type of retrovirus, has become one of the most popular gene delivery tools in the lab.
  • Lentivirus can transduce almost any mammalian cell type, including dividing and nondividing cells, primary cell cultures, stem cells, and neurons with high efficiency.
  • It also has the advantage to be used for either transient or stable expression.

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Lentiviral ORF Clone / Plasmid

Sino Biological has rich experience in cloning technology.With unique vector design system and the advantage of the largest collections of expression-ready ORF cDNA clones in the house, ORFs can be shuttled into lentiviral vectors in a very short time.

Lentiviral ORF Clone advantages

  • Multiple Species
    • 18000+ Human Lentiviral ORF Clone
    • 10000+ Mouse Lentiviral ORF Clone
    • 1000+ Virus Lentiviral ORF Clone
    • 5000+ Rat Lentiviral ORF Clone
    • 2000+ Canine Lentiviral ORF Clone
    • 2000+ Cynomolgus/Rhesus Lentiviral ORF Clone
    • 1000+ Other species Lentiviral ORF Clone
  • Full length sequence confirmed
  • Third generation lentivirus vector, and which contained specific elements to improve transgene expression, virus titer, biosafety
Molecule Catalog Tag Availbility
PD1/PDCD1/CD279 HG10377-UTLN untagged in stock
HG10377-CFLN C-Flag in stock
HG10377-ACGLN C-GFPSpark in stock
PD-L1/B7-H1/CD274 HG10084-UTLN untagged in stock
HG10084-CFLN C-Flag in stock
HG10084-ACGLN C-GFPSpark in stock
PD-L2/B7-DC/CD273 HG10292-UTLN untagged in stock
HG10292-CFLN C-Flag in stock
HG10292-ACGLN C-GFPSpark in stock
CD80/B7-1 HG10698-UTLN untagged in stock
HG10698-CFLN C-Flag in stock
HG10698-ACGLN C-GFPSpark in stock
CD86/B7-2 HG10699-UTLN untagged in stock
HG10699-CFLN C-Flag in stock
HG10699-ACGLN C-GFPSpark in stock
CD28/TP44 HG11524-UTLN untagged in stock
HG11524-CFLN C-Flag in stock
HG11524-ACGLN C-GFPSpark in stock
CTLA-4/CD152 HG11159-UTLN untagged in stock
HG11159-CFLN C-Flag in stock
HG11159-ACGLN C-GFPSpark in stock
Molecule Catalog Tag Availbility
VEGF/VEGFA HG11066-UTLN untagged in stock
HG11066-CFLN C-Flag in stock
HG11066-ACGLN C-GFPSpark in stock
HER2/ERBB2 HG10004-UTLN untagged in stock
HG10004-CFLN C-Flag in stock
HG10004-ACGLN C-GFPSpark in stock
ERBB3/HER3 HG10201-UTLN untagged in stock
HG10201-CFLN C-Flag in stock
HG10201-ACGLN C-GFPSpark in stock
VEGFR2/KDR/Flk-1/CD309 HG10012-UTLN untagged in stock
HG10012-CFLN C-Flag in stock
HG10012-ACGLN C-GFPSpark in stock
TNF-alpha/TNFA/TNFSF2 HG10602-UTLN untagged in stock
HG10602-CFLN C-Flag in stock
HG10602-ACGLN C-GFPSpark in stock
TP53/p53 HG10182-UTLN untagged in stock
HG10182-CFLN C-Flag in stock
HG10182-ACGLN C-GFPSpark in stock
ANG1/ANGPT1 HG13667-UTLN untagged in stock
HG13667-CFLN C-Flag in stock
HG13667-ACGLN C-GFPSpark in stock